Graduate Recruitment Process

Our recruitment process consists of several stages, offering you an opportunity to fully understand our company and the role you are applying for. The stages incorporate a variety of methods to ensure our recruitment process is thorough and that you have the opportunity to show your full potential. 

Stage one: Initial screening of CV 

Once your CV has been received by our recruitment team, you will receive a phone call within one week. This call will allow us to assess your communication skills as well as your understanding of the role of a recruitment consultant. 

Stage Two: Face-to-face Interview 

This interview is just as much about you finding out about us, as it is for us to assess you. We want you to use this interview to really get a feel for Venn Group, to understand our working environment, our future objectives and our core values. 

The questioning in this interview will focus on decisions you have made so far in your life, your motivators and behavioural questions based on the core competencies required to be a recruitment consultant. 

Stage Three: Second round Interview 

This part of the process will test your competencies. 

You will be asked to carry out a task-based role play, centred on the activities occurring on a daily basis for a consultant. A member of the management team will provide you with guidance beforehand and be available for any questions you may have. 

The role play will be via telephone with a Director, who will meet you afterwards along with the manager who briefed you. Your performance will then be reviewed and further questioning about your core skills will follow. 

Stage Four: Desk exposure 

For half a day you will be invited to spend some time on one of our teams. You will be tasked with a simple phone based project and be introduced to the workings of the team. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and will offer you a true insight in to the career you are about to embark on. 

Stage Five: Team Social 

At this stage you will meet your prospective team giving you and us the chance to assess team fit. There may be circumstances when we adapt or deviate from the process but this will be explained to you by the member of the management team responsible for your application.